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Microphone Feedback Suppressor

Microphone Feedback Suppressor Image

Product Name K-900 Ktv Microphone Feedback Suppressor
Product Category Electronics & Electrical » Audio & Video Equipments » Professional Audio & Video Equipments
Product Keyword Microphone Feedback Suppressor
Product Origin GUANZHOU

K-900 Ktv Microphone Feedback Suppressor Description » Recommend

K-900 Ktv Microphone Feedback Suppressor Larger Image

K-900 KTV Microphone Feedback Suppressor
- The product is a product of our R & D solutions KTV easy microphone whistle (microphone feedback), singing difficult, microphone voice or cause due to the built environment can easily microphone whistle, you can use in the 10 to 100 square meters KTVor teaching system reform

- This product is part of the performance of similar imported products, More price advantage, Increase the digital frequency shift to active anti-feedback circuit module This technique makes the system gain to enhance the 3-8DB, on a balanced basis, In particular, the most recent of customer feedback and research personnel to improve Better sound quality and the concert effect.

Microphone feedback suppressor uses a triple anti-whistle measures:
A. Built-in high fidelity digital frequency shifter active antilarsen technology, so that the output of the peak point and the feedback frequency peaks are not the same frequency, thereby suppressing the possibility of the whistle.
B. Attenuation equalizer adjustment circuit Liuduan full bandwidth within the appropriate attenuation of the whistle regional band, a significant effect of anti-whistle, microphone whistle nemesis.
C. The internal use of advanced high and low cut, under the circumstances to limit the audio bandwidth, thereby reducing the possibility of feedback.

Technological features:
A. aluminum panels, wire drawing process.
B. metal knob, frosted surface, surface oxidation.
C. chassis CNC machining exact match.
D. the machine, the capacitance of imported fever, brand outlet, double-sided bonding process.

K-800 microphone feedback suppressor has the following characteristics:
A, significantly increasing the microphone gain:
K-800 microphone howling suppressor, 6 ~ 12dB mic gain can improve, feel completely different after the use of KTV singing is very easy, feel-good into the wheat, the release of your singing potential, greatly increasing the K-song mood and level of play, especially for the professional singer is a good helper.

B, Strong protection KTV amplifier and speakers and other valuable equipment, to overcome the sound feedback DJ management is very easy to protect valuable audio equipment.

C, simple to maintain peace of mind: the microphone is plugged into the microphone input of the machine, the output port to connect KTV amplifier, simple connection.

D, the machine with balanced output can be connected to the mixer.

E, Perfect sound quality: strictly symmetrical power supply design, high-fidelity digital frequency shifter, exquisite workmanship, guarantees the machine sound.

F, high reliability: steel structure, the internal circuit adopts imported SMT chip technology and wave soldering, rigorous and reliable products.

G, after using this product can significantly reduce the K room acoustic renovation cost of inputs may or may not even paste sound-absorbing materials.

Technical parameters:
Input microphone connection type: KTV microphone (600 ohm impedance); wireless microphone main electrical and mechanical level do not exceed 120mV;
MIC Maximum input level: 120 mV
Line maximum output level: 120 mV
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
6 equalizer frequency: 100 Hz, attenuation; 250 Hz; 630 Hz; 1.6 kHz; of 4 kHz; 10 kHz
Shift the frequency of the amount: 5 Hz (± 0.2 Hz)
Nonlinear distortion: < 0.3% (1KHz)
Increase microphone gain: 6 ~ 12dB
Power supply: 220V/50Hz 3.5W